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Posted on 09/28/2019 @ 2:50pm by Lieutenant Colonel Tyrus Craine & Colonel Celeste Porter

Mission: 1 - Twilight
Location: CIC
Timeline: 2240 Z

Celeste watched as the various members of the crew filed out of the CIC. Truthfully, none of them were really needed right at the moment since they were still tethered to the ship graveyard, and she was thankful for the chance to really talk to Craine now that the immediate threat was somewhat lowered.

"At some point," she said quietly, "we're going to have to determine which one of us is going to be in charge of this bucket. I'm fine waiting to figure that out until we absolutely have to, and just dealing with the evolving crisis as it's ongoing."

Looking up at the man, and placing her hand on top of his for a moment, she smiled, and continued, "I'm just so fracking happy to see you alive, Tyrus."

"Likewise," Craine responded with a smile as he placed his free hand firmly on Celeste's shoulder to show his affection towards such a familiar face. "I never thought this day would come, but I'm glad that out of the entire Colonies you're here by my side. I'd hate to face this alone... whatever this is."

He took a deep breath before finally admitting what they all knew it was, "The end of times, I suppose."

"Sure as shit seems like it," she sighed. "This is where they assigned you after that whole idiotic debacle? They couldn't even do you the courtesy of giving you command of a freighter, for frack's justice for the fall guy, I guess."

Tyrus shrugged, "I was bitter at first for taking the fall for something that wasn't my fault, but I've found it rather peaceful to tend to this yard. I had a nice, calm life with an easy schedule..." he trailed off, realizing he sounded like he was put out to pasture and left to die.

He cleared his throat and he snapped back to concentration, "Either way, no need to determine who is in charge. You outrank me, so protocol is pretty clear. No need to worry about my pride, that was taken many years ago."

"Well...thank you," Celeste responded. "But I doubt we can keep a good man down. And anyway, if we're going to get out of this alive, we're all going to have to push ourselves to the limit, myself included."

Shoving the excess crap off of the DRADIS table, she looked at the map of the surrounding space, and began, "Okay, so Hera is the call then. I don't doubt your FTL skills, but I don't know who the frack we have as a pilot." Looking back up at the man, she asked, "What's your confidence level on this plan?"

"A lot higher than remaining sitting ducks. We have to do something, anything, to get back into things," Craine calmly responded. The two remained a bit quiet with the realization of what was really going on sinking in further.


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