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Empty Rooms and Empty Tables

Posted on 07/29/2019 @ 10:02pm by Major Hamilton Stockwell

Mission: 1 - Twilight
Location: Hallways of the Artemis
Timeline: MD1 - 2130

Ham twisted his helmet counter-clockwise and slowly lifted it off his head, placing it on his seat as he stood up. He took in a deep breath of air and made his way towards the already opening hatch. Stepping out onto the wing he looked around and a handful of others running around. No one was giving any kind of direction. Crafts were being lowered down into the bay with no one to care for them or move them into storage.

As Ham stepped onto the deck, there was no one there to greet him, no deckhands ready to help him get his gear off. No one to immediately move his Raptor out of way. There was so much confusion. He grabbed the shoulder of someone running by wearing the familiar orange jumpsuit of the hangar bay service personnel, "Hey!" he yelled out. The petite woman lurched back and turned around.

"Is anyone in charge down here?!" Ham asked.

"If someone was fracking in charge, would we be running around like chickens without heads?" She yelled back and started to walk away from the Raptor. Ham stared as she walked away slightly in disbelief, slightly in astonishment. "Well... someone needs to move my Raptor!" he called out.

Ham started making his way to the CIC, he assumed that's where he should go at least. Having no idea how to get around the old bird, and on top of that not really knowing what he would be doing once he got up there, didn't sit well with him. Ham preferred being equipped with all the information he needed to complete a task.

Through the hallways of Artemis, lights were starting to flicker on. Who knew how long they had been off, some of them obviously were no longer working. He had to follow signs on the walls pointing him to the right direction. There weren't many souls wondering about the halls just yet. Maybe that would change.

Ham stopped for a moment to catch his breath. Leaning up against the bulkhead he needed to take just a second to think. He rubbed his eyes with both his hands, as if maybe he was trying to wake up from a terrible nightmare. His kids, his family, his whole life back on Picon - gone. It was simply unfathomable that when he left this morning there would be nothing to return back to. And all he had left was whatever he had, unknowingly left on the Raptor in the hangar bay, and his memories. Using his hands to push himself off the bulkhead. He somberly made his way up the stairs and through the hallway - towards the CIC - towards a new reality.


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