Prep Work

Posted on 01/18/2020 @ 4:25pm by Lieutenant JG Finn Kidane & Captain Jamie Perth

Mission: 2 - Bottom of the River
Location: Hangar Bay - Artemis
Timeline: MD 01 - 11:30

Jamie had woken with a headache. His eyes had flown open, his mind escaping from the nightmarish scenes he had witnessed over the skies of Virgon. The fires, the billowing clouds of destruction, all that death.

He had felt a wave of nausea consume him temporarily, forcing him to reach out for one of the small emesis bags lying on top of the nearest equipment table, next to his bed. A dry retch, and he looked around to find himself back on Artemis's sickbay. He had retreated to one of the suture rooms for some shut-eye, after having spent hours on end trying to keep people alive. Of course, he couldn't save everyone. He didn't expect himself to. He and his crew could only do so much with what they had.

He'd then performed a round on the sickest patients, setting out management plans for each of them and communicating them across to his small team of nurses, corpsmen and a few other doctors. He made such business go by as quickly as possible, having been informed that he'd be due to join an expedition crew for the apparently habitable planetoid they'd come across.

And so he geared up, grabbing whatever supplies he thought he'd need. Similar to how he'd prepare for a medevac rescue mission. Just in case someone got hurt.

Jamie rubbed his eyes as he approached the Raptor. Everything weighed down on him - his vest, the backpack over his shoulders, supply pouches, the pistol strapped to his thigh. He looked up to see the face of another young man, underneath a rather dense and frizzy mess of hair that appeared overgrown past Fleet regulations. He could only assume that such details were given much less attention considering the circumstances - even he had neglected his personal appearance to an extent.

"Lieutenant," he said, more as a mutter.

The one with the floppy curls turned his head as the pale one sidled to; Finn had been lost in thought, paused over his own muscle memory's desire to fidget through his supplies. "Good Morning Sir," Finn offered back, a single brow rising and falling before his eyes returned to his work. He tried to focus on that, but ever the Sagittaron, his thoughts were in the spiritual.

Finn's prayer habits waffled but over the past few days, he'd spent a great deal of his precious solitary time praying. There... just seemed to be more of a need. It must have been awhile since he'd done such a thing: his knees ached. Deck-plating wasn't good for prostration, turned out. And so, the face that was next to him now was one barely seen. Finn belonged in CIC; the Doctor, Sickbay.

The cinnamon-hued boy offered out one of his long-fingered hands, "I'm Kidane by the way Sir, or... Finn. I don't think we've ever actually met."

"Uh, no," Jamie confirmed, accepting the handshake. "No, I don't think we have. I'm Jamie. The... new CMO." He still felt uncomfortable with his role designation. It still felt odd, the weight of responsibility he now held.

"I guessed," and Finn pointed quickly at the bags the Doctor had with their medical insignia. "We're lucky to have you then. Did you come off that ship we rescued from?"

Jamie shook his head. "No, I didn't... I was on a medevac Raptor over Virgon when the bombardment began. Our re-entry, I think, masked our presence just long enough for us to see what was happening. Then we heard reports of a safe jump location, so we did just that."

He stopped and turned his head away momentarily, as if trying to recall the exact sequence of events. "Must've... blacked out or something. I woke up to find the Raptor had been decompressed, the other two crew I was with dead. And then... I was somehow picked up and brought here."

Finn's eyes dropped, somber, to the deckplating even as his brows popped under his fringe of curls. "Well," he looked at the Doctor, "Thank the Gods you made it," he smiled a humble smile and shifted his equipment some, "At least there's that." Finn's fidgety hands smoothed down to his uniform trousers, almost like he was thinking about where his wallet might be. "So... you're from Virgon?"

Jamie nodded. "Yeah. Glenvale Harbour, if you've heard of it. Born and grew up there... spent some time on Caprica for study." He wanted to hazard a guess that Kidane was from one of the less advanced, less affluent colonies judging by the accent. But of course he didn't want to sound insulting, so he simply asked, "And what about you?"

"Skoteinos," the frizzy haired youth replied, his fingers fixing on his own gear in a dance of intricate muscle memory. "Or outside of it anyway. I'm from Sagittaron. But I haven't been back there in years. I left when I was a teenager. I spent a little time on Caprica," he smiled a broad smile, "That was quite an education for a kid from the rugged woods."

The two continued to exchange words as they both stepped into the Raptor. Jamie held his head low to avoid bumping it against the rather low bulkhead. "Hmm. Did you enjoy your time in the capital? Or was it a bit too much to take in? It feels that way after a while."

"Too much all at once," Finn replied as diplomatically as he could, "But... I didn't even know culture like that existed at first. Every stereotype you hear about life in a big city alley turned out true. It was a lot to handle." With his broad smile, Finn looked down in memory rolling past his eyes. His nose wrinkled, "Yeah, I didn't stay long. I went to Libris."

Finn went and started checking the DRADIS, bending over the console for the moment and foregoing the chair, "Virgon and Caprica, that must have been a bit of a change too," he said, his features roundly washed in the blues of the DRADIS.

The young doctor shrugged. "Hmm. It wasn't too bad. I didn't exactly grow up in a very small place, and not too far from Boskirk. It was exciting to be in Caprica when I was there. Everything was new, and I was pretty young. But after a while I missed home enough to head back."

Jamie secured his large backpack off to the side and sat on one of the cabin seats close to the cockpit. He suddenly asked, "So wait, what's your post on Artemis again? I don't think you said."

"Oh," the frizzy haired officer stared into the blue cast of his screen, "Tactical Officer, CiC." He glanced at the Doctor, "I work the DRADIS system and plot the ship's FTL jumps. Major Stockwell is our Helm. I feed him coordinates." He tilted his head, "It's... a strange choice for a Pacifist I guess, but I like to think of it as preventing death."

"Right, fair enough," Jamie nodded. "Well, your FTL jumps have certainly saved the lot of us..." he was about to add in a pessimistic 'for now', but realised just how sensitive that would've sounded. He instead sat back in his chair and patiently waited as the others entered the cramped apartment.

"Thanks," Finn replied as he too settled into the chair in front of the DRADIS. He didn't share that it had just been a lucky stab, a desperate gamble as the nuclear warheads of the Cylons crossed the zone of no return. Finn ran diagnostic checks on the DRADIS: the trauma of what happened days ago had him constantly glancing at it, half-expecting any minute now a DRADIS contact that would finally be the sword to their neck.