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Prelude to War

Posted on 07/21/2019 @ 11:25pm by Lieutenant Colonel Tyrus Craine

Mission: 1 - Twilight
Location: Battlestar Artemis

It was another day in the life of Lieutenant Colonel Tyrus Caine. As uneventful as it was tending to the ships at Radamanthus Shipyards, it kept him busy. Tyrus barely interacted with the crew of the shipyards; it wasn't out of some sort of introverted attitude, it was just that tending to a flotilla of mothballed ships was busier than one might think. His only companion, a black lab named Boomer, followed him from the flight deck of the Artemis as he made his rounds around the ship.

It was his third ship of the day, and by far better off than most of the other ships in extreme disrepair in the shipyards. The cycle was about as repetitive as it got. Check engineering spaces, check CiC, boot up the main computer for functionality, shut everything down, board his Raptor, and head to the next ship. Sometimes he'd be lucky and life support would still be maintained and Boomer could join him; but just as often he'd have to stay on the Raptor. Once ships were too damaged for life support to be sustained, they were jettisoned into one of the Twelve Colonies stars.

The pair made their way into the Artemis' CiC, dimly light with emergency red lighting. He approached the Command and Control station and flipped a few switches to bring the bridge of the ship back to life, even if only momentarily. The ships functions sprung to life. He picked up the command phone and spoke clearly into it, "Colonel Caine checking in from the Artemis. See you guys in a few hours."

He placed the phone firmly back down and continued through his routine checklist. A few minutes into his standard operations, the speakers of the ships CiC came to life with a flurry of voices. They were hard to make out at first but after a few moments, it was clear. The Colonies were under Cylon nuclear attack, and the Colonial Fleet was being devastated. Tyrus slouched onto the floor with his back against the Command station processing what was happening.

What seemed like minutes - maybe even hours - of back and forth chatter which started to blend together. Maybe he just didn't want to hear how bad it was going. Finally, a voice crept through, "Radamanthus to Craine."

Craine patched himself through and picked up the phone from the Command station, "Craine here. What's the sitrep?"

"Sir, the Colonial Fleet has suffered massive casualties. I think you're in charge, now. What should we do?" the voice nervously cracked.

"Load everyone onto Raptors and report to the Artemis. If the Cylons head out this way maybe they'll ignore the mothballed ships," Tyrus ordered in a far more confident tone than he was actually feeling. This was uncharted territory for him; hell, it was for almost anyone alive.

A few more minutes passed before another voice was discernible over the comm, "Anyone from Radamanthus on frequency and can verify?" a female voice barked.

Lieutenant Colonel Craine lifted the phone in the ships CiC with hesitation. After a short pause, he finally collected himself, "This is Artemis Actual."


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