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The Eyes, Haven't

Posted on 12/07/2019 @ 5:29pm by Lieutenant JG Citro Pitcairn

Mission: 2 - Bottom of the River
Location: Hestia B-II Orbit and Beyond
Timeline: MD 01: 1300 Z

"Piece of garb planet..." Cambion muttered into his comm without really thinking. He scanned the haze of the atmosphere as it touched true space: from here the K-type star, Hestia B, made the edge of the atmosphere look sandy orange. Something about that made Cambion nebulously angry... perhaps it was the fact that Canceron orbited a star much like this one.

"What the Frak was that, Cambion?"

Black eyes swinging with the glassiness of fatigue, Cambion's thin, drawn face fought around the irreverence of a sneer, "I said this planet is a piece of feldergarb, and this is a frakking waste of time!" He muttered with an edge.

Cambion's mike crackled around a shady chuckle, "Got somewhere else to be right this minute, Chummo?" The voice was grainy and female, another of his team. But Cambion just shook his head and rolled his eyes- two acts that the leads weren't going to pick up on readily. He lifted his chin to tweak the comm again.

"In some dive on Scorpia," he paused and mused a smirk into place. "In the heart of Celeste's Red Town."

There was a scoff, "Better've packed your KI pills for that overnight. That garbs glassy by now... so's all the help." Cambion shrugged a lean shoulder at that, returning his sights to the massive horizon of the planet and in time, his sensor readings.

"Ffffrak, this isn't a planet we wanna stick around on real long," someone said over the comm.

Cambion glanced at the pilot who said it, across the blackness of space away from the tawny haze of the planet. They were in a sloppy formation and Cambion could at least see the speaker in their cockpit. "Why, because it's feldergarb?" Cambion couldn't help himself, dry, barely masked disgust coming out like poison in the high-end baritone of Cambion.

"Shut your flapping pucker and take a look at the orbital dynamics." The speaker said, "Just cuz Lockdown's stuck in the mud don't mean you get to be a mouthy scooch, Citro."

Cambion's smirk bared the snark of teeth. He shrugged and obeyed, looking down at the data sent over. The dot that represented the planet they were scanning over followed an ellipse of an orbit. Citro was no scientist but he at least understood the effects gravity could have on a celestial body. As he panned out it was obvious that while Hestia B-II orbited one star, Hestia A still had drag on it- enough to pull the orbit into eccentricity.

"Frrrrrak..." Someone else said over the comm, apparently agreeing. "That's a frakked up orbit. How in Stygia is anything even alive down there?"

"My guess is, it all goes into deep hibernation. Some kind of biological cryo-stasis maybe." The lead said. Cambion looked over the hypothetical temperatures, accounting for the fact that it would take some time to actually cool the planet with residual heat in play. "For about eight weeks a year, it's cold enough to make dry ice."

The other funny one chuckled, "Quick, get me a martini glass. I need a witches' brew, Stat." Cambion rolled his eyes on instinct and habit at the mention of booze.

"Gonna need a KI pill for one of those too," Cambion shot back.

"Looks okay right now though."

"Mmm, it's probably got another twenty or thirty days til the temperature really drops fast."

"Faster than Cambion going down on a redhead, baby!"

Cambion chuckled, "Frak off, motherfrakker."

"There ain't enough bleach on the Bucket to get that image outta my head."

"Why do you think Cam wants to go to Scorpia? Highest number of redheads per capita in the Colonies."

"Past tense. But yeah. Firecrotch central. I thought it was cuz he thought girls ate ass there."

"Ewww-hew... not enough bleach, people! Not enough! B-R-B- finding a Toaster to nuke that outta my gray-mat!" There was dirty, snickering laughter over the comm when the speaker added, "Looking for tylium signatures, boys and girls. Redline the red-talk. Speaking of, anything?"

Cambion swiveled his head to look out toward space again, "Nothing. Bumfrak nothing." Cambion tutted once and shook his head. "There's another planet closer in the system. Tight in. And there's a Kuiper farther out. The sun-hugger looks like a... Ch...Th-ch..." Cambion hesitated around a word.


Cambion pointed at really nothing, "That thing."

And that is...?"

"A once-big planet with its crust or atmo blasted off. It's basically a hunk of core alloys. Imagine Zeus being whittled down to Troy by solar wind."

"Might have tylium, but how would we get to it? The sun-hugger's almost in the corona. Kuiper'll at least have water," Cambion pointed out. "Maybe some other stuff we can use."

"Mm, maybe. I'll comm down to the Boss and see what the CIC wants to do. Maybe they're having better luck Mudside."


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