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Posted on 12/05/2019 @ 1:12am by Alinder Hart & Lieutenant Colonel Tyrus Craine & Lieutenant JG Finn Kidane

Mission: 1 - Twilight
Location: Artemis - XO's Office
Timeline: MD 02

A wizened old crone she was not, but Priestess Hart's age was definitely showing. Her dress was a simple, mint green robe, cinched at the waist with a leather belt. Stains of varying types showed along the shoulders, a few of them the dark color of blood, and the bottoms were singed. The woman had obviously been through a harrowing experience. Nonetheless, she sat in Colonel Craine's small office with a soft smile on her face.

"Thank you for meeting with me, Colonel. I understand things are a little chaotic at the moment," she began. "I mostly wanted to see what help the clergy can be right now. During trying times, some people find faith in the Gods to be a boon. Others a burden, certainly. But we stand ready to help however we can."

"There are plenty of people who could use counseling. Morale hasn't exactly been great, understandably. If the clergy could help people with their emotional troubles it might help strengthen the bonds we share," Craine sympathetically responded. All of his training prepared him for this moment, but there were plenty of people on the Artemis who were simply finding refuge. He also wasn't exactly the largest fan of the clergy; believing them to be more trouble than they were usually worth. There were many who found comfort in them, though, and any comfort was better than none given their situation.

Craine looked over at Finn, who had been in the small office as they talked about logistics, when the priestess had walked in. The lieutenant colonel wasn't sure if he was approaching it correctly, as he was always eager to dismiss mythos as fairytales.

Hart simply nodded in understanding.

Pulling out a small tome, she continued, "Additionally, I am an Antiquarian. I'm familiar with certain artifacts in antiquity that may provide us some help. I fear that one of them is lost to us, given the apocalypse happening in the colonies. But there may yet be others that we can salvage. Many of them are purported to have abilities beyond human comprehension."

"So we're to track down legends and myths from a dusty old tome?" Craine nearly blurted out without a seconds hesitation, almost embarrassed at his unprofessionalism immediately after he finished his sentence.

Compared to the other two in the office, Finn was little more than a pupate. It was hard to ignore the conditioning of his Sagittaron upbringing: youth did not speak in the presence of elders unless specifically asked a question. They were there to learn and respect the dignity of the Church and the mysteries of the Gods.

But Finn had almost spent several years among the secularized society of the other Colonies.

The curly haired youth studied the older woman: she had the austerity of the Sagittaron church. He found himself fidgeting in front of his lap, hands sweaty, like he did back home. As the Colonel made his soft blasphemy, Finn wanted to try to save him. They'd met eyes before, seconds ago. "Sometimes, um, we can find purpose behind symbols. Um, if we're not sure where the world is taking us. Something to rally behind that is unique to our common bond. Or reminds us of who we are." Finn murmured out softly.

“Quite so,” the woman replied. “If they serve no other purpose, they could do much to improve the morale of the crew. Imagine if the Hammer of Hephaestus, for example, held pride of place on this antiquated old ship. I think it would help bring peace of mind if nothing else. Some small proof that the Gods are watching over us.

"Patently, Colonel," she continued, "I'd like your help convincing Colonel Porter that it's worthwhile for us to look for these artifacts. I understand the importance of us fleeing the Colonies, but...most of these artifacts are rumored to lie outside of Colonial Space. I think, I hope, that our goals are aligned in that regard."

Finn didn't want to speak for the Colonel. He barely knew the man and there was so much rank-gap. His brown eyes were in earnest agreement with the older woman. The Colonel seemed a secular sort and Finn wasn't sure if he was sold on this idea or not. Gently the youth cleared his throat, "If, um, if anything, Sir, it will give us a place to go. Maybe something to focus on."

"It would, at that," Hart responded. "And the idea of leaving the Colonies is...well, it's been our home for so long, but our home is gone now. But pieces of it may yet lie in wait for us to re-claim. I would like to see that, before I die. And I suspect that many others among us would as well."

Finn's eyes dropped to the floor, "If it's all we have left then... yes," he said somberly.

"It might be."


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