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Posted on 12/01/2019 @ 7:19pm by Colonel Celeste Porter & Lieutenant JG Katrana Harbeck & Major Hamilton Stockwell & Captain Jamie Perth

Mission: 1 - Twilight
Location: Tyche Hangar Bay
Timeline: MD 02

Jamie had managed maybe half an hour of sleep before he was called to action again. Someone telling him that the CO had ordered him to join a rescue group. He quickly regretted having napped at all, as it only seemed to have made him even more worn out.

But he was now a full-time, active-duty Colonial officer in the middle of wartime. He'd suffered through sleepless shifts during his trainee years, which he'd only just come out of, and so he hadn't quite lost touch of what it was like to be constantly exhausted.

He'd been given ten minutes to prepare. And in that short period of time he managed to secure five corpsmen to board the Raptor with him. They'd been lucky to find several large, pre-prepared medical backpacks filled with the necessary supplies and equipment for most situations. Their pre-departure briefing had been short, nothing more than a quick run-down of where they were heading, and almost no information of what to expect. There was also no time to conduct equipment and kit checks - they'd have to simply trust that their packs had everything they'll need. If not, they'd have to improvise.

The young doctor had stepped out of the Raptor directly into mayhem. A few small fires burned at one corner of the Tyche's hangar bay, being attended to by damage control crew. There'd been some guarantee that the deck was safe for the rescue team, which meant there was a bit of risk-taking. There was no other choice, really. The other hangar bay had been completely ruined.

"All right, huddle up!"

Jamie needed to do this properly, or at least as properly as the situation allowed. He ran through quick briefing with the five corpsmen he had with him. Their plan was to set up a central casualty receiving zone within the hangar bay, which had just been cleared to be of adequate structural integrity. Four of them assigned to accompany the rescue teams that would explore the Tyche for survivors. The wounded would be given initial life/limb-saving interventions at the scene before being brought back to the hangar bay for further triage. Jamie, alongside PO1 Tay Ihyoso, would provide further medical stabilisation and determine who goes on Raptors for transport back to the Artemis. A separate team would make their way to Tyche's sickbay to see if it could be used, but initial reports showed that section of the Battlestar had been too extensively damaged.

The men began moving out, and Jamie walked towards the one in charge of the entire rescue op. He'd have to relay his plans and make sure they complemented with the rest of the team's objectives. Hopefully it'd be a quick word or two, so he could start organising his casualty reception area.

As the doctor approached, Celeste turned and nodded her helmeted head at him. "Doctor, I'd like you make sure your people are set up here, and then join us to sweep the interior. I need at least one person on medical staff to make sure anyone we run into is stabilized before we try to extract them."

However, the new CMO already had another plan in mind. He thought it best to introduce it to the CO quickly, before the rescue teams started moving out.

"Sir, we'll be setting up a central medical reception centre in this hangar bay," he began. "With respect, I feel that my presence here would be more beneficial in adequately triaging casualties for transport back to the Artemis. As far as I'm aware, Tyche's sickbay is shot. I've got five corpsmen that I can allocate to each rescue group that heads out."

Of course Jamie was more than capable of stabilising casualties, but so were the corpsmen. The skills that differentiated him from the medics was his experience in managing patient flow and advanced clinical decision-making. He'd be much more effective if he was to direct medical efforts from the hangar bay. But at the end of the day, his job is to advise the CO. She'd have the final say.

And so the young doctor waited for Porter's response, studying her face as she considered his suggestion.

"Fine," Celeste acquiesced. "Get them set up to go along with the teams, and let's get this done with as soon as we can. I don't want us suddenly having a basestar jump in on us."

Jamie nodded. "Thank you, sir," he said, before quickly moving on. There was much to do. He immediately returned to the rest of his five-man corpsmen group to relay the CO's green light, before setting out to work. Four of them broke off and went to their respective rescue groups, whilst the doctor himself and Ihyoso began organising their triage area.


"If you just head to the hangar bay we have doctors and medics who will be able to assist you!" Ham shouted in the hallway as he waved more personnel towards him. Flanked by two armed marines he smiled politely as wounded shuffled by. Once communication was able to get out through what was left of the Tyche, it seemed like people were seemingly coming out of nowhere. Trying to push through the crowds, they were finally able to get access to a systems panel. The board was full of red. "My gods, I can't tell what is intact and what isn't." He said.

There was a violent shake that rang out through the hallway. A loud clanking could be heard like a steel beam had just hit a block of cement. Ham braced himself up against the bulkhead. "It's okay! Keep moving!" He yelled. Looking into the eyes of the marines with him, his expression told another story.

Ham spotted someone in an officers uniform walking through the crowd. "Lieutenant!" He shouted to the woman, motioning to himself. The woman, made her way towards him and saluted. "Lieutenant Grace, sir. Major..." She trailed off.

"Stockwell, Hamilton Stockwell. We're from the Artemis... sort of. What the frack happened?" He asked.

A gaping wound still fresh on the left side of her face, she pulled her hair back into a ponytail and instinctively looked to her wrist for something to tie it off with. Alas, she didn't have one. Sighing she began, "Hard to say, sir. I was in engineering when this all went down. Frackking cylons, came out of nowhere. We were getting our ass handed to us in what seemed like seconds. Radiological alarms went off all over, we didn't have enough time to recall the alert vipers..." She started to get shaky, her voice cracking, "CIC wasn't responding..." She looked down towards the floor. "I ordered us to jump, followed my manual sir, followed protocol." She began to cry. "I followed the FRACKING protocol!" She bellowed through her tears. Ham instinctively brought her in for an embrace as she sobbed.

"You did your duty, soldier. Nothing more." He said as a single tear welled up in his eyes.


"Gods, they really took a beating Colonel."

Colonel Porter side-eyed the redhead, but didn't respond immediately. Shining her light down a corrdor, she saw broken members crisscrossing and completely blocking the path. Pounding the bottom of her light against the corridors, she waited for any verbal responses.

"They're lucky they got out alive," she finally responded. "Or...those of them that did, anyway. They've got one hell of an engineering team." She paused for a moment, exhaling slowly through her nose. "Harbeck...Do we know how they fared down there?"

"Better than they did up here, that's for damn sure," she responded. "Engineering's pretty solid on these Jupiters. I can't imagine how anyone lived through this type of carnage up here though...fracking Cylons."

"Yeah," Porter responded. "Fracking Cylons." Stopping at another corridor, she cupped her hand to her mouth, and yelled, "Hello?! Is anyone alive in here? I'm Colonel Porter from the Pol...uh...from the Artemis!We've got rescue Raptors in the bay!"

After a few moments with no response, Harbeck continued on down the main corridor, with Porter in tow.

"Hey Colonel, did you hear there's a rumor going around? One of the civs we rescued swears there's toasters out there that look just like us. Says she saw 4 identical people at some mall on Picon before she boarded her shuttle."

"No, I hadn't heard," Porter responded. "So they think there's Cylons out there that look what...human? I don't buy it. The war wasn't that damn long ago, there's no way they could come up with that kind of tech that quick. Shock does some real nasty shit to your brain. Makes you think you're seeing things you aren't. Makes you suspicious, makes you think everything's going to hell and there are people out to get you."

"I mean...everything is going to hell and people are out to get us, but I see your point sir," Harbeck replied.

"Yeah, fair." Stopping in her tracks, she replied "I don't feel like rifling around through corpses today. Let's head back to the hangar. Once the crews come back from the first round of searching, we can cancel the rest. I don't want to be on an inoperative ship if the Cylons come knocking at our door."


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