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Posted on 10/20/2019 @ 11:38pm by Captain Jamie Perth

Mission: 1 - Twilight
Location: Artemis
Timeline: MD 1

It was hard to believe the Cylon attack had begun only three hours ago. To Jamie it felt more like three days, thanks to the concussion that had knocked him unconscious during his escape from Virgon. If it weren't for the corpsman telling him otherwise, he would've been absolutely convinced that he had spent the last 72 hours drifting silently in empty space within that crippled Raptor. Of course all the evidence around him proved that to not be the case.

It hadn't been obvious at first, but he'd been successful in arriving at Rhadamanthus Shipyards. A rescue vessel had detected his jump signature, and dared to investigate. They had somehow managed to stop the uncontrolled spin the Raptor was in, and sent someone to extricate Jamie. Pulled from the brink of death.

The sudden rush of air had brought him from a coma to nearly full alertness. With that came initial confusion, and then the pain. That same searing sensation across his forehead came back with a vengeance, like a simmering flame that had almost been asphyxiated, but now reintroduced into an oxygen-rich environment and burning wildly.

And now here he was, sitting on a gurney in the medical section of an old, unfamiliar ship, but amongst people in familiar uniforms. He'd been allocated a corner cubicle to be assessed by one of their corpsmen, enclosed within the small space by blue hospital curtains. The generic, disposable kind used by most hospitals.

"All done, Cap'n."

Jamie opened his eyes. He must've fallen asleep for a moment there. "Hmm?" he took a breath in. His headache had subsided significantly. "Is that it?"

The corpsman nodded. "Yes. The laceration wasn't too big nor deep, sir," she said, holding up a small mirror so her patient could see. "Here you go, sir."

He observed himself and was surprised. She was right, the laceration was perhaps only four centimetres across his forehead, though it had dug right over his left eyebrow. He could swear it felt much larger, considering how painful it'd been. The wound was now clean, its closure requiring nothing more than a few simple interrupted sutures. He frowned, knowing it would certainly heal into a fairly obvious scar.

"Thank you," he said.

"You're welcome, sir."

Jamie had worked with many Fleet corpsmen in the past, but this one was exceptional. Perhaps because she was the first person he interacted with upon realising he was finally safe. That, and her calm voice. How she had assessed him so adeptly and professionally, and provided him with such attentive medical care, even when her services were likely required elsewhere.

And when her work was done, the blue curtains were pulled back partially to reveal two men with NCO insignia. Both first-class petty officers. They stood to attention, and it took Jamie a short while to realise it was meant for him. He gave them a quick salute.

"Captain Perth?"

Jamie nodded. Even after all these years as a reservist, he had never gotten used to being addressed as Captain. He preferred being simply called by his first name. That, or 'Dr Perth', if one insisted on formality.

"Welcome aboard the Artemis, sir. I'm Corpsman Petty Officer First Class Isaac Peters, and this is Corpsman Petty Officer First Class Tay Ihyoso. You are a physician, sir?" Upon seeing Jamie's nod, he quickly continued, "If you don't mind, sir, please come with us. We have people who need your help..."

Did things really have to move that quickly? Jamie thought silently. Only moments ago he'd been a patient himself. He had nearly died from anoxia a little over 30 minutes ago. And it was only several hours back when he saw Boskirk annihilated, its buildings and streets smouldering.

"I'm sorry, sir. But we need you now."

Jamie nodded, bringing himself back to the present. "Sorry. Yes, of course," he said, pushing his thoughts away and standing up. "Lead the way."


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