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Posted on 10/18/2019 @ 2:13am by Captain Jamie Perth

Mission: 1 - Twilight
Location: Virgon
Timeline: MD -2

Jamie woke to a ray of sunlight peeking through a gap in the blinds, shimmering from behind the branches of the swaying tree just outside the window. The glare cut through the room like a blade, turning dust particles lingering in the air into tiny glowing suns, before finally falling over his face, half of which was buried in the soft pillow.

He still felt worn out, and held Cameron responsible for having kept him up all night, although he shared some of the blame as well. Neither of them could help themselves. They hadn't seen each other for almost two months.

Reaching over the edge of the bed, he picked up his phone from the carpeted floor and tapped its display, reading past the cracks over its glass surface. The time read 07:10, and he switched off the alarm which was due to sound in five minutes. With the phone's battery at 4%, he pushed it out of a shadow and into the morning sunlight. The device began recharging.


Jamie turned his head around and saw Cameron stirring up from underneath the covers. His eyes met a pair that looked back sleepily, dreamily, a charming gaze of contentment. He took a moment to stare at the endearing smile creeping across his boyfriend's cheek.

"Morning," Jamie answered in a somewhat husky voice, the rest of his reply cut short when he felt Cam's hand gently sliding up the side of his torso, followed by a tender kiss on his shoulder that made him curl his neck in pleasure. Toned arms wrapped around his chest, and then the warmth of a smooth body pressing against his back, enveloping him into an embrace.

"What time is it?" Cameron asked.

"It's uh, just past seven. I should probably..." he began, but was cut off as Cameron nuzzled into the nape of his neck again, a series of ticklish kisses that made him laugh.

"Probably what? Don't we have all day?"

"Yeah, -you- might," Jamie said. "I've got work, remember?"

Cam retreated and flopped back onto the bed. "Oh. That's right. I thought you had the weekend off." There was a tinge of disappointment in his words, but only just. Over the past year, he'd come to accept that Jamie's line of work meant irregular shifts, and also acknowledged that his own service commitments meant being away for months at a time. It's been difficult, but they were willing to make it work.

"Sorry," Jamie said with guilt. "But I've got tomorrow and the day after off. We should do something, yeah? Maybe a road trip. Check out Coorabie Island... or maybe Cape Rahul?" he suggested.

"Mm. That sounds nice," Cam smiled back. But he knew Jamie would still technically be on-call during those days off. "Hopefully you won't get asked to go on a last-minute job."

"Shouldn't be a problem. It doesn't happen very often," Jamie said, getting up to make his way into the walk-in wardrobe, disappearing for a moment as he slipped on a plain cotton T-shirt. He knew he couldn't offer Cameron a guarantee, so optimism was the next best thing. "Glenvale takes in a lot less medical retrievals than any of the major hospitals in the region. Most of them go to Southport General."

Cam did not feel completely reassured, but appreciated the attempt to dispel his worry. He decided not to pursue the issue any further. After seven weeks of counting down the days, they were finally together again. That was good enough, even if it meant Jamie had a few work obligations.

"It's okay, I understand," Cam said, and he genuinely did. "I've got you here with me, and that's all I need to make me happy." He slipped out of the bed, unclothed save for the boxer-briefs he had on. "I'm gonna go have a shower, if that's okay?"

"Umm," Jamie began, clearly distracted as his eyes traced over Cameron's firm chest and arms. Young skin glowing from the morning sun. A taut, lean build shaped through several years training as a Marine. Catching himself staring, he shook his head subtly and said, "Yeah, of course! I'll head into the kitchen and make us some coffee while you're there."

Cam smiled, having caught Jamie's very brief mesmerised expression. It was nice being admired. He ambled across the room, maintaining eye contact as he squeezed past the small space between Jamie and the wall behind him, just outside the ensuite entranceway.

"You do that. And then get ready for work, just like you said."

He came up teasingly close, moving forward so that they were mere inches away. Jamie felt the temptation bubbling up from within, a tense anticipation that was released as Cameron leaned into plant a gentle, affectionate kiss. Then came another, this time deeper, tongue gliding over Jamie's lips and teasing them apart. And then several more, before they broke away for a breath.

"Right. Coffee," Jamie said after a small sigh of gratification. "Did you want a flat white or a...?" He only managed to say so much, before Oliver grabbed onto the front of his T-shirt and dragged him into the ensuite with him.


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