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Mama Bird

Posted on 10/04/2019 @ 10:53pm by Major Hamilton Stockwell

Mission: 1 - Twilight
Location: Radamanthus Shipyards
Timeline: MD1 - 2300 Hours

Ham, operating without his helmet on, steered his raptor around the bow of a once mighty Battlestar. He could barely make out the name bolted onto the side of its launch pod. KIN M N it read. He assumed it was whatever was left of the Battlestar Kingman, he could remember a few buddies who served on her during the... first... cylon war. He couldn't believe that he had to use the term "first" to describe what was a terrible, unimaginable experience. Then again, he couldn't believe that his buddies were probably gone, pulverized in the attacks of the... second cylon war.

His DRADIS lit up with a weak signature. Ham was looking for warm signals of mothballed fighters. He finally found one that had a still running colonial signal, indicating its battery was not totally shot - the best pick from the sea of bad picks.

Maneuvering his raptor to sit right above the fighter, Ham began clicking and ticking the right switches to lower a magnetic pad, which he was hoping was strong enough to attach to the fighter. Ham licked his lips as he leaned over the console, easing the cable lower and lower. "Come on little bird, let mama feed you..." he mumbled. Soon he heard a loud CLUNK, indicating what he hoped was a clean contact with the fighter beneath his raptor.

Settling back into the pilot's seat, he gently eased up on the controls, trying to lift the fighter out of its self-imposed stasis. He tried his best not to hit anything nearby, but that was inevitable. DING, KLINK, BONG - the noises rang out in succession as the fighter banged up against the other fighters and debris scattered throughout the yard area. However, Ham was able to set her free and pull the fighter out of the yard. He slammed the top of the console yelling, "Hot dog! I've got a live one!"

Swiftly maneuvering away, with the fighter in tow, Ham radioed back into the Artemis. "Artemis, this is Raptor 45-GT, returning to base with a colonial asset in tow. Prepare the bay and be ready with anti-grav units. Mama is coming home."

"Roger that Raptor 45-GT, bring her into the bay and try not to scuff the paint." They replied.

Ham smiled and set course back to the ship.


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