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Posted on 09/25/2019 @ 1:09am by Colonel Celeste Porter & Lieutenant JG Katrana Harbeck & Captain Arthur Theron & Lieutenant JG Finn Kidane

Mission: 1 - Twilight
Location: Various
Timeline: MD 01 - 2300 Z

"Alright you sons...and I guess daughters of bitches," Harbeck declared over the intercom on her Raptor. "Listen up. Lockdown is in command of our happy little grave digging mission. I'm here to help coordinate. So let's fracking coordinate, lets get some supplies, and let's get back to Artemis before shit goes tits up!"

Looking down at her DRADIS console, and the rudimentary map of the various retired Battlestars she'd haphazardly tossed together, she keyed her mic again, and said, "Lockdown, Firestorm. I've got eyes on an old Jupiter at the ass end of the yards. What say we try there first? Bigger, more equipment, more opportunity. There's eight other buckets out here to look through. Any suggestions on our first grave to dig?"

Comfortable now he was back in the cockpit, where the rest of the universe beyond his mission became an irrelevance, Lockdown ran through his rather more rudimentary DRADIS display. It was more to refresh his memory than give him anything as useful as a Raptor's scans. "Firestorm, Lockdown. That Jupiter should be an eventual stop, but I want us first scavenging on something more contemporaneous with Artemis. We want redundancies of more unique parts we can't get anywhere else." Scrap metal and large swathes of general Colonial Fleet materiel would not, he feared, prove that hard to come by. Equipment compatible with their new rust-bucket home? That might prove more tough.

"Sounds good to me Lockdown. Let's see...I've got the Pleiades and the Titan both on the registry. Both Valkyries, both recent decomissions. Divide and conquer, or go in together?" Harbeck asked.

Finn Kidane had discovered early on he didn't have a pilot's swagger- or their mentality. Too sedate. Too shy. They had a culture in and of themselves, one that Finn had curiosity about but never toed in to. But Cardia had been a small ship and he'd earned wings over Picon. He loathed his callsign enough to try and bury it: Shaman. Not that they were in much use for the last year or two. Not until they evac'ed the Cardia.

He listened passively to the exchange about where to head first. This wasn't his space and he didn't know it. But he saw the logic in raiding Battlestars first. Even so, his eyes slipped the bounds of the Raptor out the view to a decommissioned medical frigate and he quietly logged it's location. He searched his fleet history behind his dark eyes, quietly. He tapped his comm key, "Um. Firestorm, Shaman." He rolled his eyes at the name, "I'm seeing a decommed medical frigate over here as well. The Osiris. It might be worth a look."

"Sounds good to me, we'll probably need all the medical supplies we can get, Shaman!" Harbeck responded. "Alright, let's break off, and keep any comms on the low band just in case. Let the great scavenger hunt begin!"


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