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Colonel Celeste Porter

Name Celeste Porter

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Colonel

Character Information

Gender Female
Colony Libran
Age 44

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Most would say that Celeste looks young for her age, thanks to taking care of herself and a routine fitness regimen. Others would say that she has a very "serious" look to her. She's of relatively average height, and thin but not the point of waifishness.

She keeps her blonde hair tied back neatly while on duty, and rarely lets it down in anything other than a pony tail while off duty. Her eyes are steely blue. She carries herself with an air of professionalism while on duty.


Spouse Eloise Highpeak - Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Celeste can best be described as "serious" while on duty. She takes her responsibility as a senior officer seriously, and does not shirk her responsibilities. Off duty, she is a bit more "matronly," and likes listening to others.

More than anything else, Celeste is renowned for being even-minded and fair. She tends to take in all information about any given situation, and do what is best for the majority of people involved. That said, she refuses to sacrifice the one for the many, and there have been times she has been dressed down for voicing an opinion about an event that was unfair, or unjust.
Ambitions Celeste's primary ambition is to one day command a Battlestar.
Hobbies & Interests Celeste enjoys games of skill and chance. She loves listening to music, preferring classical more than any other genre. She also keeps a rigorous fitness regimen to keep herself in shape.

Personal History Celeste was born on the colony of Libran, and from a young age decided she wanted to join the Colonial Militia. She was born near the end of the First Cylon War, and as such, she understood the importance of a strong, united front against any of the Colonies' aggressors.

While studying at the colleges of Libran, she found she had an affinity and deep love for law, and chose to get her undergraduate degree in that field.

Her posting in the Colonial Militia has largely been aboard the Battlestar Pollux, Gemenon's Battlestar. She rose the ranks from Tactical Officer to Officer of the Deck aboard that Battlestar until the Fall.